The Dirty Truth About Rehabs

From LinkedIn:

One day I’m going to write an exposé about the dark dirty truths behind the glossy veneer of the $35 billion-dollar drug rehab industry. (But I worry for my family’s safety rn, lol). Half of you are in the dark and authentically have no idea, the other half know exactly what I’m talking about, but will pretend not to. 🙄 Recovery is a very real and spiritual process of healing, and I believe in it. But calling that 1-888 number in Malibu, Texas, or Florida may really be just like putting another quarter in the merry-go-round. Did I say ‘quarter?’ — I meant your college education, business assets, and a down payment for a house. — What baffles me is the offers I get in my LinkedIn mailbox for these jobs! I’ve been promised housing, travel expenses, $200k salaries, ocean views, EIGHT weeks vacation on one — It’s repulsive. Meanwhile, 115 die EVERY DAY from opioid overdose. So whatever you’re doing is not working, but it does seem to be really working out for staff.