5 Tips For Weekend Warriors

Spring break is here. Pool parties. DJs. Here’s 5 ways to do it right.


So classes are on hold, mom and dad left on a cruise, and your friends from LA are flying in for Ultra Music Festival in Miami. DreamCloud Psychiatry in Miami Beach offers a few tips to keep the party happy and healthy.

1. Stock up with the basics.


Nothing is worse than having an empty fridge when your guests are parched from shuffling in the sun all day. Plan ahead and stock up with healthy drinks, food, sunscreen, soap (we love the organic citrus ones), and bathroom essentials. Be the leader and encourage self-care — your friends will thank you for it.

2. Eat right.


Those hot dog stands and arepas con queso might look great at the party, but what you put in is what you put out — fuel your body with the right food and show everybody the warrior within. Fruit, lean meats, fresh vegetables, high-fiber grains, and vitamin-rich superfoods really make a noticeable difference on your physical and mental health.

3. Pace yourself.


This is not your first spring break, and if it is, this is not your last. If you miss Zedd, it won’t be the end of the world — Listen to your body and take it slow. Your dance moves and spray-tan will stay on point if you focus on a few events you want to go to, rather than try to check-in at every pool party in town.

4. Sleep.


Sleep is one of the most important parts to maintaining a healthy mind and body. This is a time where your brain cells are able to recharge themselves, consolidate good memories, recalibrate mood, and regain the balance you will need when you’re dancing on top of the speaker next to the deep end of the pool.

5. Have fun.


Life is meant to be lived. Work hard, study, dream big, and have fun. Always be careful with what you put inside your body — Drugs, alcohol, and sex are not requirements for having good time. Be picky, judicious, and smart. If this is your big break from school or work — don’t think about school or work! Your mind needs a break from stress sometimes and your grades this semester will thank you for it.

Chris Lee, PMHNP-BC, DreamCloud Psychiatry