3 Quick Tricks To Get Through Monday

We’ll tell you how carpool karaoke in your own car could be the start to a fabulous Monday.

1. Go full-on Carpool Karaoke on your way to work.

Singing stimulates your senses and sends natural messages to your brain that something fun is going on and that it can chill out on the way to the office. Trade your stressful thoughts with some heartfelt Adele, or some no-nonsense Cardi B!

2. Give Monday a name.

Meatless Mondays. Marketing Mondays. Meditation Mondays. Metromover Mondays. Mealprep Mondays. — Think of something that starts with “M” that you only do on Mondays. Make it a special day!

3. Make your game plan on Monday.

There’s nothing worse than a slow day where nothing got done! Monday is the best day to schedule all your appointments for the week – the doctor, the dentist, the barber shop. Plus the rest of your week will go by so much faster when it’s full.

Chris Lee, PMHNP-BC